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#barney x robin#himym#what a disservice to everything in this show that they didn’t end up together#i don’t mean that as a whiny shipper who can’t accept her ship not being endgame#i mean this in terms of storytelling and character development#like the fact that they spent years invested in this ship because it should have important meaning to ted’s story#like sure ted met the mother at their wedding#but the fact they broke up 2 seconds later makes it look like shit plot device you know#they only got together for ted to meet the mother#when in fact it could have been about much more than that#like the fact that unexpected things happen in life and they seem weird but end up making sense in the long term#and about how personal development and timing mean everything when you want to get somewhere#and barney and robin getting together represented character development for barney and robin but also for ted#who had let robin go time and time again and had grown into a fine man#willing to advocate for his bestfriends (yes plural) and their happiness#a nice man who was at a point in his life where he could meet a nice woman and have a healthy relationship#but nooooooooooo it was only about a fucking train station and the same old blue french horn#yeah yeah yeah [via farhampton]

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